Welcome To Flame Bot's Official Website

Flame Bot's Prefix is "fl"

Commands List
Command Description Category
ping A Simple Command to See if Flame Bot is up and Running! Fun
hi Talk to Flame Bot! Fun
studio Who Likes Fruity Loops Studio anyway? Fun
gone + {mention} Make Your Friends and Fellow Users Disappear! Fun
eat + {mention} Have You Ever Wondered How Tasty You and Your Friends Are? Fun
flip Heads or Tails? Fun
roll Roll A Dice! Fun
coolrate + {mention} Rate You and Your Friends' cool level! Fun
reverse + {message} Reverse Anything You Say! Fun
cat Get a Random Cat Image! Image
dog Get a Random Dog Image! Image
bunny Get a Random Bunny Image! Image
goat Get a Random Goat Image! Image
duck Get a Random Duck Image! Image
server Find Out Some Info on Your Server! Info
userinfo Get Info on a User! Info
avatar + {mention} Get a User's Avatar! Info
icon Get a Server's Icon! Info
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